I have only wonderful glowing words to write about the staff and products. Thank goodness they are close by.

Ann Louise Dunn reviewed Natural Pet Specialty Shop β€” 5 star August 3, 2018 

"We visited Natural Pet Specialty Shop on January 7th, 2013 with our new dog - Odin - that we had just adopted, he has little or no vision. He was in bad shape, he was not eating and was not very happy. He had one ulcerated eye and one severely bulging eye. Lee and staff helped tremendously! Odin needed immediate attention. She recommended a great Vet, who also referred us to a Ophthalmologist, and Lee selected a great eye supplement and immediately put him on a cataract formula. The next week we returned to the shop, and he was a totally different dog! Lee is completely from the heart in her dedication to ensuring pets have the best in healthy and organic products that can make a real difference with your pets health. Within three months, we were astonished to see that Odin’s cataracts appeared to be melting away with the natural supplements that we were giving him.

It has been one year that Odin has been eating these great natural foods from Natural Pet Specialty Shop and taking these supplements and I have to say he is doing great! He actually is watching birds now and was looking at himself in the mirror the other day. We are so happy that we found Natural Pet Specialty Shop and we are so grateful for their help!" 
- Sherry B.

I have a neighbor/client who had a scare- emergency with her two fur babe's. Natural Pet Specialty shop wad AMAZING in aiding me in getting the help she needed for her fur babe's!

So truly blessed at their spirit- their commitment- their knowledge- follow through - words cannot express my thanks for not only caring for my sweet fur babe but ALL our sweet babe's!

Not enough stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 to five a rating.

Colleen Hunt  recommends Natural Pet Specialty Shop.December 16, 2018 at 9:01 AM Β· 

Very sweet, helpful & knowledgeable staff😊

Joann Marie  recommends Natural Pet Specialty Shop.January 3 at 1:47 PM 

Love this place! They are extremely knowledgeable and trust them completely. Panda loves her food and treats and how they're helping with her ACL tear β™‘β™‘                


We wanted to let you know that the products you suggested for our Skippy have helped a lot.  He is much better. His breathing is returning to normal and he is becoming his old self.  We want to thank you and the rest of your staff for your help and the pleasant way you treated us.

Thank you,

Juanita and Richard Carringer


Great store! Literally saved the life of my kitten. I couldn't recommend them enough.

So amazing the care - love and attention to all who come in. My Little Man has had some issues and with the food and supplements from these great people/store he is so much better! Thank you,

Colleen Hunt, March 26th, 2018

​​Natural Pet Specialty Shop is a quaint little shop that is well stocked with Highly Nutritional Products; Food, Treats, Wellness Medications, what you would expect to find in a high end store that carries quality pet products but the best part about the shop are the wonderful people that work there, their love of animals shows in everything they do, i am forever grateful i found them.

Thank you,Lourdes Castillo Leon reviewed Natural Pet Specialty Shop β€” 5 star June 29, 2018

Lee's knowledge of natural/holistic choices for our pets' daily care and nourishment has been such a tremendous benefit to our family. Thank you, Lee, for your dedication and sharing with your customers your knowledge and experience.             DORY RINGER

Amazing high quality products and people who really know how to help guide you to a healthy happy pet! I love that I don't have to give my pets medications with side effects etc. and can choose more healthful alternatives! It is really a great resource!!​

Such a wonderful store with an extremely caring and knowledgeable staff. Melbourne is lucky to have such a wonderful place. Happy to have found them!

​Erika Steele, April 7th, 2018

What our customers have to say about Natural Pet Specialty Shop!

​Lee and her staff are remarkable and so are the products they carry. Lee is very knowledgeable in all of her products and how to use them properly. They literally saved my kittens life when the vets had given up, and I know mine was only one of dozens of stories like this. Thank you so much!!  


This morning me and my pups were swarmed by mosquitoes. I ran in and grabbed the buzz spray and the mosquitoes literally just dropped dead!!! Saved all of us from having a very itchy day! Great product! Great store!


I have an 80 lb. American Bulldog named Baxter. He is very athletic and apparently tore the cruciate ligament in his right rear leg. Lee has been a godsend, giving me articles and advising me as to how we should care for him going forward.  If you own a dog or cat, do yourself a favor and stop in to see Lee. You won't be disappointed.      


The boys had a great time making new friends and sampling new, healthy treats. The grey members of our pack are really jealous even though I told them they could visit next time. 


I love this store! I buy my cat Orijen food there. My cats love it! 

2255 N. Wickham Rd. Ste. 103, Melbourne, FL 32935 (321) 259-3005

Best pet food, knowledgeable staff, you can bring your pets and they get treats.


This shop carries everything my diabetic kitty needs, and they are all wonderful folks. Please check them out.        

HOLLY YOLLES, Proud Kitty Owner

​My beautiful 11 year old pure black lab Payton. He was recently diagnosed with a Mast tumor that was biopsied and said to be cancerous. The soft fatty lump had started to bleed and he licked it continuously. We used liquid bandage to help the sore heal and looked into natural alternatives to improve his quality of life. It was hard but I am happy I didn't give up. This news of cancer is devastating and I was at a cross road so I chose NOT to put him thru the traumatic operation and series of X-Rays that the vet had suggested, not to mention extreme expense with no guarantees. This was a tough decision but I wanted him to live as happy as possible for his remaining time so I went to your store to look into options. Changing his diet was the first step and when I discovered how much he liked the RAW food plan along with the high protein food, it was an easy change. I experimented with the Animal Essentials Organic Green Alternative as well as taking your advice with the immune system enhancing drops, ES Clear, and in approx one month, the tumor has completely disappeared. Thank you for your assistance and human compassion for our pets... I'm a true believer that we are what we eat and it goes for dogs too! We love dogs and dog owners.