If this is your first time in our store, you can expect every one of our associates to be able to guide you toward a species-appropriate diet for your pet.

Lee De Barriault


Lee is a treasure trove of information and is available most days for consultation. Lee has years of experience in holistic medicine and good nutrition. Lee is also the proud owner of several cats.

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All of our associates are pet owners and pet lovers. They are educated on the best for your pets and will assist you in making informed decisions.


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Lee De Barriaultthe store owner, has always been an animal lover. She grew up in the northeast on a ranch with horses, dogs, cats, guinea pigs and rabbits. When Lee moved to New York City and had health issues, she turned to a nutritionist/kinesiologist, who put her on the path to good health. After seeing what good nutrition and herbal medicines did for her, Lee began her quest to learn as much as she could about alternative medicine. She has studied holistic medicine for pets for 6 years and has devoted her time to helping educate people about nutrition and natural supplements so they can help keep their pets healthy. Her search for knowledge has continued and enabled her to offer the best possible holistic care, homeopathics and nutrition for our beloved animals. Lee has worked with the feral cat network and other rescue groups and is passionate about helping animals in need.


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