Leo the loveable Lab is the companion of Catherine. She says that Leo is thriving on his diet of Fromm.

Barbara sent in this cute picture of Colette and Remy, her two Brussels Griffons. They were both very special customers and we will miss them!  May they rest in peace.

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Donna sent a picture of Kwai Chang lounging in the Sasquatch bed she got from Natural Pet.  

According to Donna, her cats love the bed.

Joe sent a picture of Affie, his rare, blond Affenpinscher.   

This picture of Jack (orange cat) and Pete (white cat) was sent to us by Leigh. Jack and Pete are best buddies and are often found in poses just like this one. Leigh says that Pete and Jack just devour their Vital Essentials Freeze-dried Nibblets, and they also love the Tiki Cat canned food too!

Welcome to the Natural Pet Photo Gallery. We will be happy to include a picture of your pet on the gallery page. Just e-mail a picture and a short description of your pet to Natural Pet.

This sweet picture of Oliver was sent in by Diane. According to Diane, Oliver is quite the hunter. Oliver enjoys eating Tiki Cat and Nature's Variety Instinct canned food. 

Kira is a beautiful Shiba Inu that lives with Shawn and Jimmy. 

Theresa Duncan sent us this great Picture of Rocco, her 11 yr old boxer. Handsome devil.